“Double Exposure” reviewed by Monsieur Delire

Double Exposure
Still from Crónica, though this time available only as a pay-for digital download, is one hour forty-three minutes of music by Janek Schaefer. This double album culls various compilation tracks, installation soundtracks, and stage music made between 2005 and 2011. These works have all been presented to the public before, hence the album’s title. There’s a long excerpt from the sound installation “Asleep at the Wheel” (which I have blogged about a while ago), a commission from the CBC for their radio series “The Wire,” and the beautiful “Fields of the Missed” originally found on the Room40 compilation album Fabrique, among other gems. These are not some of Schaefer’s most striking works, but they form an enjoyable set that is on par with his discography. François Couture

via Monsieur Delire