Marc Behrens and Cem Güney featured in “Istanbul Split” CD

In January 2009, within the framework of the subject area Audiovisual Art – a key aspect in New Media teachings at the Academy of Fine Arts HBK Saar – a field trip to Istanbul took place. For one week, during a field recording workshop, the participants set out with various equipment for sound hunting in the megacity.

Together with Cem Güney, a Turkish musician and composer, it was possible to get to locations which would not have been accessible to regular visitors. The recordings of markets, mosques, ferryboats, suburbs, demonstrations, street vendors, craftsmen and scenes in cafés in the five selected electroacoustic compositions constitute a portrait of a city, in which Eastern and Western cultures, religions and traditions converge – as perhaps in no other European city.


  • Stefan Zintel, Eclipse
  • Cem Güney, Error at the Fish Market
  • Alexandra von Bassen, Flowers of Istanbul
  • Christina Kubisch, Dogs and Voices
  • Cem Güney, What Are You Looking for, Treasure?
  • Marc Behrens, Mobilization of Ecstasy

Produced by Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar and ~tildmusic, 2011
Photography & Cover Design by Marc Behrens

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