Marc Behrens remasters Hans Ludwig Jacoby, aka “Boche”

Marc Behrens remastered the entire catalogue of musical works by his friend Hans Ludwig Jacoby, aka “Boche”. He recorded music from the mid 1980s until 1991. Boche’s “Beats” CD, featuring 27 tracks, was just released on Entr’acte and is now available. You can listen to three tracks here and order the CD in Entr’acte.

Marc Behrens releases “The Religion of Toxins”

Marc Behrens’s new mini-album “The Religion of Toxins” was released as a digital edition. The work was first presented as a sound installation at Museu Serralves, Porto, Portugal, May 30–31, 2015, during “Serralves em Festa 2015”, inside the Serralves chapel. “The Religion of Toxins” is now available to stream and buy in Bandcamp.

Marc Behrens re-releases on Availabel

Marc Behrens funded Availabel just a few months ago, to re-release some his solo works and collaborative works with other artists such as Francisco López. Up until September 20, 2014, seven digital editions, ala001–ala007 were released. The entire Eyephone catalogue (a 1990s IDM side project by Behrens), remastered by Atomâ„¢, is among the editions. In …

LIA presents “The Unfolded Collection” at Sedition

The Unfolded Collection features three computer-generated artworks: The Lonely One in the Autumn (with a soundtrack composed by @c), Inside the Diamond and Not Even Love Will Tear Us Apart, which were performed by LIA in real-time and recorded exclusively for Sedition as high-definition videos. This series explores the possibilities of communicating concepts like love, …

New release from @c in Galaverna

It’s been almost two years since the last release “89”, the artistic duo, formed by Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela, aka @c, is back on Galaverna catalogue with a documentary work about the period the two of them spent together in summer 2013 in the Salento area (Puglia), near Alberobello and Gioia del Colle. They …