New release from @c in Galaverna

It’s been almost two years since the last release “89”, the artistic duo, formed by Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela, aka @c, is back on Galaverna catalogue with a documentary work about the period the two of them spent together in summer 2013 in the Salento area (Puglia), near Alberobello and Gioia del Colle. They were working on the project Barsento Mediascape, curated by new arts festival Interferenze. Their contribution result in a distinct, long track divided in three parts, organized by levels of sonic exploration: starting from the surface of the out-landscape, sprinkled with mighty lithic construction (Trulli), to end up in the subsoil. There, first, it’s unveiled the stones and dirt mixture which regulate the ancestral relationship between local farmer and olive trees and vineyard cultivations, it then reach a chthonic dimension in the karsic caves scattered in the area.

The artist will take you to one breathlessly journey from the outside to the depth of the Earth, from open spaces towards closed ones, towards internal structures, built by both nature and the patient and dedicated work of anthropization operated on the territory by locals. This release presented by Carvalhais and Tudela is a more meditated re-elaboration of their prior work on the subject, released almost raw and live-quality at the end of their staying, June 22nd 2013, at Teatro “G.Rossini” in Gioia del Colle. This work testify about a complex work the Porto’s duo did on the territory, mixing the multitude of voices present in the rural space they explored, and then managed to portrait on different levels (physical, sonic, spatial) through a micro-narration.

This work is a discovery that opens new and unexpected visions and allows listeners to relate with profound, semantic and elaborated representations, which turn into narrations of rare beauty.: from the silence of the subsoil to the harmonic sounds of the rocks in the surface, like magnificent echoes and resonances of palpitations, pulses and breaths of (the) life of the territory itself.

“Re:Barsento” is now available as a free download.

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