“Untitled #284” reviewed by Vital Weekly

Untitled #284
In 1992 Francisco Lopez did a bunch of ‘environmental recordings’ in Lisbon. In 2011 he did an ‘extensive evolutionary transformation’ of these recordings and presented that in Lisbon. No wonder the CD of that of that piece is now released on a Portuguese label. Its a forty-three minute in a fashion that Lopez uses a lot these days. The computer is these days his main tool of transformation and composition, using mainly those functions to alter the color of the sound. This he applies to the many sounds he has at his disposal, sometimes looping them around and creating a dense field of sound events. This CD is not different from any of his other recent CDs, which I guess is a pity. Lopez is one of those musicians who release a lot, but whose development can be summed up with a few key releases, the others are ‘fill ins’, extending what you already know, or perhaps for the die-hard fans. Having said that, this work by itself is another fine piece (if nothing new that is) of computertreated sounds, ranging from super-low sounds to very high end sounds, put together in a collage like form of building crescendo’s and dropping them at one point and building all over again. He does it with the usual great care, but having said that, this is not the big new innovative masterpiece (just in case you were waiting for it). (FdW)