“eins bis sechzehn” reviewed by Vital Wekly

eins bis sechzehn
The other new project on Cronica is more an art like project dealing with ruins of hotels. Julia Weinmann did the photography of them, while one Ephraim Wegner made recordings in these abandoned places. Waking up and down those stairs, large empty rooms of bare concrete. There is not of processing going on here, although it’s also not entirely without. Wegner was originally a DJ, but now deals with field recordings and sound installations and creates music for films. A rather short CD here, only twenty minutes in time, with recordings, I believe, from various places. It’s I think a fine work of pretty interesting field recordings and it sounds great, but I must say the reason behind all this eludes me a bit. Maybe it’s too brief for me, these five rather short and one longer piece, and perhaps it needed as much as attention as the whole package has. In a strange way this looks very much like a recent package on Gruenrekorder, more so than one on Cronica Electronica. It’s as a total experience, image and sound (in that order) quite a fine package. (FdW)