“Monnom / Hertz, Gigahertz” reviewed by Loop

Monnom / Hertz, Gigahertz
This is a collaboration between Miguel A. García and Durán Vázquez for a split album in Crónica’s Unlimited Series. The piece ‘Monnom’ composed by García lasts 17 minutes approximately and shows a repetitive, mechanic and provocative noise. Drones in the background are the basis of sound design which are articulated in complex software. ‘Hertz, Gigahertz’ suggests a disturbing atmosphere of noise that shakes its cosmic dust. Intensity, recurrence and darkness covers with its mantle of uncertainty around the dirty sound space that, after a while, allow to emerge an ambient melody. Some light appears hopeful with those melodic lines that are transformed into dense layers of saturated and twisted sounds. Interesting experience showing different sound tonalities.

via Loop