New release: “EP” by Lemures

Crónica is proud to present Lemures’ first release in its catalogue, the two-track “EP”, part of a diptych with the upcoming LP “Lemuria”.

  1. IV (06:05)
  2. V (10:12)

Composed by Giovanni Lami and Enrico Coniglio. Mastered by Miguel Carvalhais. Illustration by Dead Meat.

Giovanni Lami and Enrico Coniglio work in electroacoustic music, field recordings and noise research, combining attitudes of each field.

“…since Man is part of the nature, since his personal and social life are still a natural phenomenon — like a flower’s growth or life in ant’s or bee’s societies — there’s not any reasons why, shifting from a flower to the human being, from a beaver’s village to a modern city, we must leave the method serves us so good till that moment, trying to find another into metaphysic’s arsenal” (Pëtr Kropotkin, 1913).

Landscape’s identity is made by so called “invariants” that could be geological, environmental, historical, architectural, etc, but landscape is a living thing, it’s dynamic not static, so it could be better speaking about “variants”, things that change, because the landscape is made by transformation processes that came by interactions between natural and anthropic actions.

Lemures melts, crushes, pushes, or throws away only field recordings, processed or not.

You can download “EP” as AIFF or MP3 files directly from Crónica and free of charge, or from Crónica’s bandcamp page in a variety of formats.

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