Edwin van der Heide speaks in Porto

Next wednesday, November 19, Edwin van der Heide will speak on Interaction in Physical Space. The works Spatial Sounds (100dB at 100km/h), Radioscape, Wormhole and The Speed of Sound will be used to convey different approaches to interaction with(in) our surrounding physical space.

Edwin van der Heide is an artist and researcher in the field of sound, space and interaction. He extends the terms composition and musical language into spatial, interactive and interdisciplinary directions. His work comprises installations, performances and environments. The audience is placed in the middle of the work and challenged to actively explore, interact and relate themselves to the artwork.

Beside’s running his own studio he is part-time assistant professor at Leiden University and heading the Spatial Interaction Lab at the ArtScience Interfaculty of the Royal Conservatoire and Arts Academy in The Hague. He was Edgard Varèse guest professor at the Technische Universität Berlin (2009), won the Witteveen+Bos Art+Technology Award 2009 for his entire body of work and was an invited artist and guest professor at Le Fresnoy, studio des arts contemporain in 2011-2012.

Wednesday, November 19, 17h30 at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto.