“Transmissions” reviewed by Monsieur Délire

A new CD by electroacoustician Mathias Delplanque, based this time on sounds from industrial machines – looms and machine-tools. Four pieces: three short ones and a final 40-minute track. The first three pieces are like hors-d’œuvres: sophisticated and elegant. “Part 4” is a monster. You step inside it unsuspecting, as it starts pretty much like the first three tracks, but soon it degenerates, and we’re caught in a descent, a drowning into the heart of the industrial beast. High frequencies disappear, low frequencies take over, and there’s no way to know if these are mechanical movements or organic peristalsis. And there’s simply no way out. This movement is inescapable and it reaches the only logical conclusion: extinction when everything has been consumed. It’s a work of genius. François Couture

via Monsieur Délire

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