“Roha” reviewed by Black Audio

The field of electroacoustic music has its fair share of garbage, as it does those that are truly inspirational; Andreas Trobollowitsch sits pointing towards the former, just left of the middle ground.

Processing acoustic instrumentation with electronics is an art in itself, if the producer is to create anything of actual value; and when Andreas goes full flow it works well. However, he does fall into the trap of using space to its detriment; and on more than a few occasions there is barely an audible sound, apart from the odd pluck and flutter of glitch and squeaks. Then when things do kick off it can be an irritating mess.

Once again, here we have an artist that doesn’t work well on this format (if this release is anything to go by). It’s often I encounter an album that would work better as an installation and ‘Roha’ is no exception.

via Black Audio

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