“Urban Dialog” reviewed by Sigil of Brass

I have to state that I am a little bit in love with this album. Fusing Found Sound and composed media, Tamtam’s work “Urban Dialog” is a series of compositions that have a common thread of being based on field recordings from different urban situations. For each piece a set of sounds is chosen and defined, containing between 5 to 10 long flows of field recordings as well as a set of bass sounds and playing techniques.

After this process all chosen materials are understood as pure musical material with no meaning whatsoever. During an experimental process in the studio, musical structures are then worked out, with the piece considered finished at the moment it can be performed in one take.

Playing out over fifty one minutes this sparsely populated piece simply works. There is an effortless conveyance of the artist expressing their conclusions about the situations from which the field recording have been lifted.

Extremely minimalist in nature. Extremely beautiful in execution.

via Sigil of Brass

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