“Lengvai / 60 x one minute audio colours of 2kHz sound” reviewed by Chain DLK

This time for none can say Crònica hasn’t been followed a sort of ideal unexspresive thread for its last releases and with an interesting result. Also Ginta K can be filed in that same grey area where you could also meet Vitor Joaquim I mean somewhere abstract melodies e microstructures. Considerably different from his label mate Ginta K is more focussed on minimal electronics bastardised with microwave sounds all mixed in a really soft texturr. Lengvai (the first cd) features five sketches of rhythmical but yet minimal electronic music with a definite post echno feel. Kaptavicious taste for proportion has the undoubtfully quality of duelling to save everything from getting boring without falling in the compistional trap of hyperstructures. This cd is far from being immediate, infact I think the more you listen to it the more you tune your ears to his hidden qualities but at last isn’t that the real essence of minimal electronic music (Yoshihiro Hanno for exemple). This self described as containing “Colourful Hypnotizing beats” and that’s true but going to the second cd it all changes. “60 x one minute audio colours of 2kHz sound” is developed around a 2kHz frequency that keeps changing minutes after minute, it’s a creative study/work based on a minimal but yet interesting idea that many would describe as microsound. The result is quite good for both of the cd and the second one is undoubtfully interesting but I still prefer the “Lengvai” one.

Andrea Ferraris

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