“Lengvai / 60 x one minute audio colours of 2kHz sound” reviewed by Musique Machine

Lithuanian electroinca /sound artist Gintas K has been making music since 1994. This double disk set offer up two very different albums in one package. Lengvai moves in denser and ambient warmed Raster- Noton sound space. 60 x one Minute Audio Colours of 2kHz Sound 01-60 is 60 minute one snapshots of the sound frequency 2khz thats altered and twisted in his machines.

I find Lengvai the most satisfying and enjoyable of the two, sadly 60 x one Minute Audio is a interesting idea, but most of it comes off like a hearing test ,as the pitch alter, just slightly. It does pick up interest towards the end, but by this point I feel the listener will either have given up or fallen asleep. It just feels too academic, and far too little entertainment value or mind stimulating.

Some of the stand out moments from the first disk are: Iigiau Iigiau which mixes a great static and sine waves beat patterns, wonderful foot moving in its clean white lab vibe, but just as you feel you can predict how the track will play out, a wonderfully airly harmonic looping melody is added, like watching speeded up footage of vegetation rippling and covering over clean white structures, in the end all its sleekness is hidden, but its beat shape is still defined. Koto starts with a series of rhythmic static and electro glitches, but adds more and more elements, little ripples or ticks, stretches of sounds until the surprising guitar element enters, its quite unexpected really- but really works, the guitar loops out Arabic sounding melody thats been jacked into electro buzzing life, the second half of the track dips down into watery electronic ambient sheen, that drifts off as far as the eye can see.

So in summing up one album of interesting and different takes on digital post- techno, that utilizing surprising elements. The other album a failed experiment, in laboratory sound painting. Worth picking up for the first disk really. To play some samples and buy direct, follower the wires to here.

Roger Batty

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