“Still Important Somekind Not Normally Seen (Always Not Unfinished)” reviewed by ei magazine

Combining the compositional talents of Stilluppsteypa alumni Heimir Björgúlfsson and Helgi Thorsson with talented Australian Pimmon, Still Important Somekind Not Normally Seen (Always Not Unfinished) documents two live performances at Melkfabriek, Den Bosch, which were further enhanced by the editing skills of Main’s Robert Hampson. By simply compiling the best bits and pieces of the performances into nine untitled tracks of reasonable length, Hampson foregoes his drone / ambient leanings to pursue a creative editing process that allows the disc to achieve a level of listenability that’s sadly lacking in the majority of “nuts and bolts-included” live electronic recordings. Those familiar with Björgúlfsson’s solo and collaborative works will recognize the playful mood prevalent on Still Important’s nine untitled tracks. Not that Thorsson and Pimmon do not add to the proceedings; the opening track makes it quite clear that three minds are at work via the blending of competing echo-laden effects. Three tracks later, melodic phrases are distorted beyond recognition only to be split open in two by creeping iceberg frequencies that would give Thomas Köner a run for his money. Elsewhere, benign tones work their way around undercarriage rattling, only to be overcome by strands of pink noise wich somehow develop into a fairly catchy rhythm track. This is not music that stays in one place very long, yet all nine tracks come to logical, if at time dadaist, conclusions. If the results could hold a light to Still Important…, these three would do well to work together in a studio setting, preferably with editor Hampson at the console.

Everett Jang-Perdue

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