“Là Où Je Dors” reviewed by BBC Online

La Ou Je Dors is a sonic masterpiece, densely packed with layer after layer of intriguing sounds and sampled loops that come from the heart, not some pre-packaged piece of software.(…)

“Figures That Fall Apart” reminds one of some of the more dissonant Teletype transmissions that used to be sent on shortwave radio. From there on in, the CD scratches and rolls around stealing bits from many genres; industrial noise, granular effects processing and deep techno, all thrown together at odd angles to create a very unique and genuinely inspired sound.

Tudela’s mastery of DSP effects and audio production is evident and he easily outshines most (if not all) of the recent powerbook brigade with the depth and scale of the soundscapes presented herein. Like the Cronica label he helped found, Tudela has amassed an impressive body of work that marches firmly to its own beat.

A truly captivating and stunning release from a label that is very much at the top of our list at the moment. Don’t miss this.

Olli Siebelt

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