“Intuited Architectures” reviewed by Nitestylez

Put on the circuit in early May, 2k17 via the Portuguese Cronica-imprint is “Intuited Architectures”, the new longplay effort by Glasgow-based and multi-awarded composer Graeme Truslove who on this piece deals with the possibilities of real time interaction with micro-level production techniques. Opening with “Suite II, Portals” Graeme Truslove opens up a world of a weirdly shifting, moving palette of highly digital quality which cause a feel of dizzyness and relative unease when consumed via headphones, “Suite II, Convergence” comes in on a softer, yet very experimental Ambient-related tip, combining simmering tones with sparse, improvised guitars that provide a slightly Post-PostRock related feel whilst “Suite II, Divergent Dialogues” amalgamates both hyperabstract Electronica and repetetive Electroacoustic Improvisation to a highly scientific sounding effect before turning into a radio transmission from a future beyond our imagination. In “Elements” we see the artist explore electronic buzzes which evoke far away memories of Muslimgauze’s work on the former Audio.NL imprint, that is before they’re building up into a screaming wall of sound and turn into tweeting digital birds later onwards. Furthermore “Concretisations X” weigh in quite a lot of morphed scraping sounds and what seems to be altered Field Recordings of micro-acoustic events accompanied by additional guitar manipulation over the curse of the tunes approx. 15 minutes runtime and the final, 20 minutes spanning cut named “Strata” leads us through the full spectrum of Graeme Truslove’s work from full-on guitar improv to droning Ambient sequences and beyond. Abstract, yet interesting for those digging the far out spheres of electronic music.

via Nitestylez