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Monty Adkins’s “Shadows and Reflections” reviewed by Rockerilla

Il tempo, il paesaggio, le immagini e le sensazioni da essi veicolate continuano a essere al centro delle creazioni di Monty Adkins, che in due lavori paralleli applica un a ne approccio sinestetico alla composizione ambientale. A Year At Usher’s Hill mette in luce il pro lo più emozionalmente accogliente del sound artist inglese, racchiuso […]

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Graeme Truslove’s “Intuited Architectures” reviewed by Bodyspace

Enquanto arte, a arquitectura é uma das mais antigas da humanidade. Primeiro existiram as casas e os templos, «meios com vista a uma exteriorização: a cabana, a habitação do deus, pressupõem habitantes, homens, imagens de deuses» [Hegel, Estética]. Milénios depois, a arquitectura ganhou a sua própria teoria, com De Architectura de Vitrúvio: as construções deveriam […]

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Yiorgis Sakellariou’s “Stikhiya” reviewed by Gonzo Circus

Stikhiya by Yiorgis Sakellariou

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Monty Adkins’s “Shadows and Reflections” reviewed by Chain DLK

“Shadows And Reflections” aims for ‘a sense of meditation, contemplation and relaxation’ as it develops sonic ideas originally created for an audiovisual exhibit at Bradford Cathedral in 2016 that drew inspiration from the restored altarpiece and stained glass windows of the cathedral. Designed for the cassette format, it’s two twenty-minute pieces of warm, comforting, eventless […]

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“Stikhiya” reviewed by RNE 3 Atmosfera

Stikhiya es el Nuevo trabajo del compositor de música electroacúsitica Yiorgis Sakellariou, miembro del centro ateniense para la investigación de la música contemporánea y de la música electroacústica helena. Stikhiya es la palabra usada por el poeta ruso Aleksandr Blok del siglo XX para describir el valor fundamental de la inmediatez primitiva. Contrario al intelectualismo […]

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“Hiku Komuro, Hikikomori” reviewed by Bodyspace

Hikikomori é uma palavra japonesa para designar adolescentes ou adultos que se abstêm de ter “vida social”, optando pelo isolamento e pela clausura. Para muitos, são gente que não cresceu e que nunca foi capaz de superar quaisquer problemas mentais que os afectem. Para outros, são monges dedicados que optam, do alto da sua liberdade, […]

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“Superpositions” reviewed by Vital Weekly

Maybe you have been reading Vital Weekly for such a long time that when you read the name David Lee Myers you will automatically think ‘Arcane Device’, which was his moniker from the late 80s to the mid 90s, followed by a retirement. In recent years however he revived Arcane Device, as well as releasing […]

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New release: Monty Adkins’s “Shadows and Reflections”

Crónica is proud to present “Shadows and Reflections”, Monty Adkins’s new tape. Shadows and Reflections develops from an audiovisual collaboration between Monty Adkins and the painter Andy Fullalove exhibited at Bradford Cathedral in October 2016. The exhibition comprised a series of fourteen paintings and sound that responded to the newly restored altarpiece by William Morris […]

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“Shadows and Reflections” reviewed by AmbientBlog

With his impressive back catalogue, Monty Adkins has become one of my favourite artists (if you’re not familiar with his work, don’t forget checking out Four Shibusa, Rift Patterns, Borderlands and Unfurling Streams). So it’s great news when two new albums are released almost simultaneously: The first of these two is Shadows And Reflections, released […]

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Soon in Crónica: David Lee Myers’s “Superpositions”

Superpositions by David Lee Myers

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