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Rutger Zuydervelt & Bruno Duplant’s “L’incertitude” reviewed by Vital Weekly

Collaborations are another thing that is on Zuydervelt’s plate for many years; with Gareth Davies, Tim Catlin, Subterreanact, Anne Bakker, Chris Dooks and loads more (I thought for once not to mention the more famous ones). This was mostly as ‘Machinefabriek & …’ but maybe it’s wiser, if the other also doesn’t use a project […]

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Rutger Zuydervelt & Bruno Duplant’s “L’incertitude” reviewed by Fluid Radio

L’incertitude has spent life in two separate countries, but in spite of its long-distance discourse, it offers a natural, uninterrupted flow of sound. For Bruno Duplant and Rutger Zuydervelt, the collaborative process was smooth and intuitive – there were no lengthy discussions, and that has carved a creative outlet into the music, allowing it to be […]

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Síria’s “Boa-Língua” reviewed by Silence and Sound

Le nouvel opus de Diana Combo alias Síria, prend racines dans des exercices vocaux dont l’intention de départ n’était pas d’en faire des morceaux, mais qui le sont devenus par la force des choses. La volonté et l’inconscient font parfois faire des choses qui nous dépassent, il n’y a qu’à se laisser guider par ces forces intérieures qui […]

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Síria’s “Boa-Língua” reviewed by Groove

Die Portugiesin Síria verwittert auf Boa-Língua (Crónica) ihre wunderschönen Gesangsstücke ebenfalls durch Rauschen und Feedback. Wo Craig noch hin und wieder ein Piano oder eine Akustikgitarre als harmonische Grundierung zulässt, vertraut Diana Combo fast ausschließlich der Kraft ihrer Stimme – und der Kraft der Nostalgie auf der Kippe in morbider Düsternis. Die eindeutige Melancholie der portugiesischen Volksmusik und die […]

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Síria’s “Boa-Língua” reviewed by Kathodik

Il secondo album della sperimentatrice portoghese Diana Combo (aka Síria / Eosin), amplia e sintetizza all’osso quanto di buono mostrato nel precedente “Cuspo” del 2018 (anche quello su Crónica e come questo, in limitata edizione su nastro, dunque, veloci…).Vinili manipolati, field recordings, metalli trattati, l’inaspettato, stralci di canzoni trovate/cantate, tutto in scultoreo fermo immagine da azione performativa (ovvia e prevista dalla Combo, […]

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Tamtam’s “A100” reviewed by Rimas e Batidas

Num momento singular na história moderna, as cidades esvaziaram-se de gente, o tráfego – aéreo, terrestre, marítimo – abrandou para níveis que não se registavam há décadas e, em consequência disso, entre variadíssimas recuperações ao nível ecológico, voltámos a ser confrontados com uma dimensão do silêncio há muito ausente dos grandes espaços urbanos. E este […]

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Tamtam A100 video

TAMTAM A100 18.02.2018 from sam auinger on Vimeo.

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Philip Samartzis & Eric La Casa’s “Captured Space” reviewed by Dark Entries

Breekt het angstzweet u reeds uit wanneer u in deze tijd van lockdown denkt aan uw zomervakantie, die met de onzekerheid die er nog steeds heerst wel eens in het water zou kunnen vallen? De kans is groot. Moest een annulatie echt aan de orde zijn dan is de wetenschap dat u in het experimentele […]

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New release: Tamtam’s “A100”

A100, the sound of the Berlin city highway. The A100 is not just an infrastructural system occupying expanses of urban space, it is also a city-building force with massive physical, media and political presence. It generates a pulse of city life. It exerts influence over Berlin’s identity as a symbol of progress, of self-promotion and […]

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Síria interviewed by Fifteen Questions

“Síria was born out of the super power we have of transforming shit into magic and writing songs is a way to expand the palette of ideas, feelings and emotions,  some of which I prefer not to express outside the music / artistic context.” Read the full interview at Fifteen Questions.

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