Mise_en_Scene’s “-O-R-G-A-N-” reviewed by Vital Weekly

Behind Mise_en_Scene we find Tel Aviv based Shay Nassi, who studied engineering and then went on to produce music. He was/is part of a duo called Ket3m (see Vital Weekly 904). Boltfish released a very early release by Mise_en_Scene (Vital Weekly 574). I had not heard any other of his releases, so I can’t say too much about the leap his work made from the stutter beats back then to the four drone-based pieces on this release. The word ‘organ’ is traced here to ‘part of an organism’, ‘body’ and ‘musical instrument’. The instrument in question is, if I understood the press text all right, an air-powered one, and it works pretty well when it comes to pure drone music. I am not sure to what extent there are any processing going on here if any at all, but does it matter to know such things? I am, as you probably know, a sucker for many things drone-like, and easily pleased with such things, even when, looking from a distance, perhaps a bit more objective, thinking about such things as ‘in what way does this add something new to the world of drone music?” and perhaps the honest answer is ‘well, not much’. In all of these four pieces, three shorter ones on the first side and one long (18 minutes) on the other side, we hear something that we heard a lot over the many years of writing about music. The slow, glacial-like movements of tones, dark and ominous, start somewhere, stopping somewhere but without any contradiction or counterpoint. It is like a rock in space in floats through dark space. That is what you think of when you hear the word ‘drone music’; well, at least I do. Mise_en_Scene doesn’t surprise me but delivers a fine delicate cassette. It should grow into something more of his own, and not a carbon copy of some other things. (FdW)