Futurónica is back

Futurónica is now included in the regular broadcasts of Rádio Zero, every two weeks, on Friday nights, repeating on Tuesdays at 01h. Episode 5 airs tomorrow, April 9 at 21h (GMT).

Tha playlist for Futurónica #05 is:

  • Durán Vázquez, Building (from Home Sweet Home)
  • Mathias Delplanque, Passeport 7 (Nantes) (from Passeports)
  • Janek Schaefer, Fifty Inner Spaces (for JG Ballard)
  • Pedro Tudela, Safe (Long Stereo Version)
  • Ephraim Wegner, Throw~

You can hear Rádio Zero’s broadcasts on radiozero.pt/ouvir.

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