“Crónica L” reviewed by Vital Weekly

Crónica L
Labels sometimes release label samplers, which is of course if you need to reach a new audience. Sometimes they come with a magazine. And sometimes they are send to magazines for review. I never like to review compilations, but least of all those label samplers. It’s usually stuff I already reviewed or sneak preview, but I don’t mind waiting for the real thing. Cronica understands that, so for their label compilation which is part of the Italian Neural magazine, they asked 18 of their artists to work together on a new piece. So we are introduced to the artists from their catalogue, but through exclusive nine, new tracks. All of these artists work with the possibilities of laptop and electronics, while many of them also incorporate field recordings to the scene. In these nine tracks we hear what these people do best: glitchy electronics (Ran Slavin & Vitor Joaquim, @C & Gintas K), musique concrete like compositions (Marc Behrens & Cem Guney), ambient drones (Pure & Duran Vazquez, Stephan Mathieu & Piotr Kurek, The Beautiful Schizophonic & TU M’), field recordings (Gilles Aubry & Paulo Raposo) and of course edges blurr in these genres (Enrico Coniglio & Janek Schaefer). A compilation that holds little surprises, but its an absolute nice one, nine strong pieces. (FdW)

“Crónica L” was distributed with issue #36 of Neural and is not on sale. While our stock lasts, all direct orders of other Crónica releases will receive a free copy of “Crónica L”.

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