“Transmissions” reviewed by Déphasage – Objets Sonores Non Identifiés

The show has ended with Mathias Delplanque, a french artist who has release last september on the portuguese label, Cronica, “Transmissions”. This production is made from recordings of various industrial machines. A loom at the Musée du Textile from Cholet in France not far from Angers. And then, machine-tools from the Lycée Technique of the Livet near Nantes. Mathias Delplanque being a pedagogue too, this is in one of his interventions in this high school that the students recorded themselves the sounds that we can listen to on those compositions. The title of this release has now a double meaning when we know this context. In terms of sound, machines were and are always a good stock and in this industrial context, automated and relentless, rythm and beat are obviously ever-present. Mathias Delplanque is rebuilding the sound life of those machines giving it another sense, a new way to interlock these automatons always coupled.

via Déphasage