“Transmissions” reviewed by Chain DLK

The mechanical syntagms and the cycles where the transformation of potential energy into kinetic ones by old looms that Mathias Delplanque recorded at the museum of textile in Cholet, France, in 2008 for the first half of this release and by many different tools and machines that some students who took part to his workshop at Livet Technical Lyceum in Nantes in 2009 and 2010, are the driving force of this interesting album, where the plain and simple electromechanical transmissions go beyond the concept of field recordings or soundscape. Mathias managed to render the alienation of industrial working by means of sonic canvas, where the seemingly oppressive dominance of the perceptual space by machines gradually leads to the paradox of its “humanization” (particularly on the 40 minutes lasting mechanical symphony of “Part 4”, where those mechanical transmissions sound like beating like human hearts, breathe and puff like human lungs or even show a sort of sequence of emotional feedback propagations…), as if the evocative sounds of a factory could be a possible archetype of human activity as they arise like austere and somehow organic architectural elements. Vito Camarretta

via Chain DLK