“Residual Forms” reviewed by Blackaudio

Residual Forms
This 20 minute one-track EP is available only on Digital Download (unfortunately for the collectors out there); with Adkins thematically covering the notion of ‘drift’ and a lone figure wandering round a city, locked in their own world.

‘Residual Forms’ is a beautiful release; with captivating drones and harmonies that slide and weave gently together into a rich tapestry of glowing light. Gentle smatterings of understated piano; lay as the bridge for low basses to fall from and light pads to float upwards to the sky.

It’s easy to become sucked into Monty’s story. If there ever was a lesson on how to hypnotise a listener with music, then Adkins accomplished ambient will engross those with a penchant for the genre with consummate ease.

Adkins does have his own sense of originality, but the tell-tale swells of low distorted guitar that rush the listener midway, are reminiscent of Fennesz; and that is no insult at all, completely the opposite in fact.

As a lover and avid fan of most music of this ilk, all I can say to Crónica is “vinyl please”.


via Blackaudio