“Unfurling Streams” reviewed by Chain DLK

“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) /its always ourselves we find in the sea”. These well-known lines that close E.E.Cummings’s poem “maggy an milly and molly and may” already inspired many artists with a love for one of the most beautiful nature’s contribution to our planet that the American poet described as “marvelous from god’s/hands which sent her forth/to sleep upon the world” in another famous poem. Professor Monty Adkins seems to join this crew by this placid release, whose title “Unfurling Streams” describe both the sonorities you’re going to listen and its concept: the entrancing frequencies that Monty unstringed from instruments by a wise sound processing, the undertow of reversed recording of some of them, the bubbling percussions he made together with Jonny Axelsson that got inserted in the textures of the six untitled streams as well as some organic entities that resurfaces from the depths of these streams render both the cleansing effect of the vision onthe edge of the sea and the matching between underwater and marine streams and inner flows, where doldrums and storms, quiet and disquieting moments, coming up and sedations of memories flip between the streaming of slipped sounds, where streams, according to the words which introduce the release, reflect “life – something continually flowing, evolving, and changing. Eddies, currents, pools and spray also are suggestive of ways in which the stream makes its way through the landscape and are clearly reflected in the images and sounds created for this project”. Some moments of the album are so peaceful that unattentive listeners cannot catch some hidden trasures, as there are just some moments (the fifth and the third streams) where music imposes itself to listener’s attention. The limited edition box set included a set of images by Stephen Harvey, whose connection with Monty Adkins’ release got explained as follows: “In Unfurling Streams I have created a set of images that respond to the concept and essence of the music. The openness of this approach, and a deep mutual appreciation of each others’ work, allowed me the latitude to develop a unique creative situation where internal, fragmented visual concepts and external situations or circumstances converged. The images produced for this project would not have been made without that influence… to investigate detail and particularity and make it the essence of the work.”. Vito Camarretta

via Chain DLK