“Everything Emanating from the Sun” recommended by Ambientblog.net

This is the first release of a forthcoming Crónica series called Corollaries: works that were produced as part of the Active Crossover residency curated by Simon Whetham: ‘a platform to investigate further ways of capturing, creating, composing and performing in sound’.

“Igor Stravinsky talked about the pleasure of listening to the sounds of nature, however he emphasized that we would fool ourselves to call this music. Natural sounds, as he argued, suggest music, are promises of music, but cannot become music until they are put into order and organized as a “conscious human act”.”

Yiorgis Sakkelariou opens the series with a 31 minute composition called “Everything Emanating From The Sun“ (the title comes from Emanuel Swedenborg’s Life in Animals & Plants).

“Eventually the amount of manipulation and ordering of the recordings followed purely musical and compositional needs. It is about effectively placing sonic events in time and not submitting to any kind of pre-fixed rules about recorded sound. After all, I did not perceive this piece as a representation of my journey in Estonia and certainly I was not merely documenting the country’s sonic atmosphere.”

“Returning to Stravinsky’s thoughts, perhaps the conscious human act that he requires can simply be the act of listening. This activity, potentially profound and meaningful, establishes a form of communication between the listener and the environment but remains a personal experience.”

“Everything Emanating From The Sun“ starts out with a drone that may very well be the deepest/lowest you have ever heard, changes into a much louder, almost mind-numbing industrial pulse… then to suddenly transform into a soundscape incorporating many different kinds of environmental recordings. Indefinable metallic sounds, resembling rain on a roof, conclude the piece before it returns to a comforting silence.

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