“Lengvai / 60 x one minute audio colours of 2kHz sound” reviewed by Vital

Gintas K is perhaps the best known of this lot, or perhaps to the readers of Vital Weekly. He has released a whole bunch of CDRs before, and I believe this is first real CD, a double right away. It displays both sides of his work. ‘Lengvai’, which translates as ‘easily’, shows his more up-tempo, almost techno like work. In each of the tracks he takes a lot of time to build up the pieces, but when he is there, things really rock the house. I was reminded of PWOG’s ‘Record Of Breaks’, as Gintas K has a similar long built up per track, and the tracks have that similar groovy sound, that isn’t exactly techno, but are rhythmical as hell. The second CD is made out of a 2Khz frequency, which is transformed in all sorts of ways, and cut into sixty different pieces, which make a good flow. This material, deals with the idea of changing colors, and therefore could be seen as ambient music, although I think the high pierced sounds are a bit far off for the ambient posse. But those are in favor of the works of Ikeda and Alva Noto, and especially the non rhythmical side of it, may surely know how to appreciate this, even when Gintas K occasionally cuts the material up and brings out small microscopic rhythms.


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