“Product 06” reviewed by Loop

This is the sixth instalment of the ‘Product’ series of Portugal’s based Crónica Electronica label that shows the work of two or more sound and visual artists.

‘Product 06’ is the opportunity to know the works of Polish sound artist Pawel Grabowski, Jorge Mantas aka The Beautiful Schizophonic and the collaboration between James Eck Rippie and Paulo Raposo.

Grabowski who lives now in Ireland and runs the netlabel ‘Silence Is Not Empty’ show us the 18 minutes piece ‘But I’m Not’ that that goes into dark labyrinths that recall the Coil atmospheres. Its magnetism is hypnotic and produces intrigues; bursts of ambient lines that expand and contracted. On the other hand, The Beautiful Schizophonic presents 11 tracks under the title of ‘Love Songs for a Psychoacoustic Girl’, that started with the symbiosis of processed voices. Then it is introduced to us – through several layers of drones – towards also a murky world. The environmental layers are treated with granular sounds that scatter its synthetic dust through the space. James Eck Rippie, is a sound and visual artist from Nashville and Paulo Raposo, based in Lisbon works like a sound and media artist, composed the 19 minutes piece ‘Natureza Morta’ in which the used materials like wood, metals, radio waves, amongst others that have been manipulated.

Guillermo Escudero

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