“Product 06” reviewed by neural.it

This release is a very interesting collection of experimental productions, esoteric and diluted in their sequences, abstractions with an envirnmental slant and dream-like in the tracks of P. Grabowski, a Polish-born composer who works with the netlabel “Silence is Not Empty”. The tracks by J. Mantas (The Beautiful Schizophonic) are equally rarefied. Hi introduces us to suggestions, drones and post-romantic digital landscapes, equally fine elaborations of a sensitivity that mixed novelties with more traditional sounds. Only one track for J. E. Rippie and P. Raposo, that’s jumpy at the beginning and deconstructs the sound materials used, integrating them in a synthetic-organic mixture, full of feedbacks, field recordings and turntablist manipulations. Worthy of mention is also the artwork by Casey B. Reas, a famous designer interested in dynamic systems and communicative interaction.

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