“Two Novels: Gaze / In the Cochlea” reviewed by Loop

This is the first solo offering of Keiko Uenishi a sound artist who is based in Brooklyn, New York. Among her collaborations emphasizes her participation in Marina Rosenfeld’s 17 piece guitars/laptop orchestra under the name ‘Sheer Frost Orchestra 2000’ and in the laptop and electronica quartet along side to Ikue Mori, Kaffe Matthews and Marina Rosenfeld. Uenishi has participated in various events and festivals and is considered by Christian Marclay – mentor of ‘plunderfonic’ audio collages – like one of the renowned artists more of the new downtown electronic music scene in New York.

For the first half of this CD ‘Gaze’, Uenishi collaborates with several artists. Along side the English artist Kaffe Matthews in “One Morning” they create a synthetic landscape provided with clicks, statics and radio transmissions. Toshio Kajiwara and O. Blaat produces a weird atmosphere of glitch, samples of voices and noises in the second cut ‘Egg salad sandwich’. ‘Bulle-1’ is a death track that is marked by a dub rhythm, in as much ‘Bulle-2’ it’s complex, repetitive and twist. With DJ Olive, Uenishi produces an atmosphere with processed voices – human and of animals – that finally are diluted in white noise. ‘Afternoon’ is constructed with minimal sounds of Aki Onda and Akio Mokuna. With the support this time of Ikue Mori, a drone is the background of a loop of guitar cords and digital percussion. On ‘Froid’, the minimum sounds of blows to cords and out of tune sounds correspond to the violinist Eyvind Kang, who is the last collaboration of O. Blaat.

The second half of the disc titled ‘In The Cochlea’ corresponds to the solo works of Keiko Uenishi in which it displays the synthetic sounds, loops and the kinematics world of this artist.

Guillermo Escudero

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