“Further Consequences of Reinterpretation” reviewed by Vital

To describe what led to this CD is not an easy task. It started with the artist *0 (Nosei Sakata) who invited a bunch of people to remix his CD ‘O.000’ (which delt in many ways with silence, or at least sounds outside the hearing range) and among them was Marc Behrens.

After the results were released, Marc Behrens continued to recycle the results of others and here is where Paulo Raposo comes in. This Portugese composer is mostly known as the owner of that other fine Portugese label, Sirr-ecords. The result is a CD with no less than twenty-one tracks, which however seem to be mostly one piece with various index points. The silent *0 CD is being scanned by using the fast word button of the CD player and the actual sounds it produces is just throughout this CD as source material. Needles to say that this is a very ‘microsounding’ work: it glitches in many ways, plug ins are applied, the dynamic range is kept wide – ranging from soft to loud and makes this into quite an enjoyable CD. Completed with a conceptual cover design I was very much reminded of P16.D4: extensive recycling of similar sounds and images, from a previous, finished project moving to the next one. A fine but somewaht neglected tradition. It’s good to see people doing that again.

Franz de Waard

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