“Under my Skin” reviewed by Vital

Gintas K, from Lithuania, who has been around for many years, has used no field recordings on his new release. Instead he uses ‘digital synthesis’. I am not sure if an input of any kind is needed here, but maybe it is all in some sort of feedback process, where sounds bounce back and forth against each other. In recent years I have not always been enamoured by his work, mainly because so much seems the same really, and this cassette is no different. Much of what I hear on this one, I also heard before from him. The digital sound processing that can be sweet and melodic (well, not too melodic of course), scratchy, hissy, noisy or looped so that it becomes a rhythm. Think Fennesz, think Alva Noto, think serious computer music and Gintas K does all of that. Every release by him is actually quite good, but it also a bit too much on a repeat mission for me. I wish for something new to happen in his world.

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