“The Waste Land” reviewed by Vital

And finally Luca Forcucci, of which no information was yet available. His cassette was composed and mixed in places INA-GRM, Electronic Music Studio TU (Berlin) and Atomic Lady (Earth). Maybe his composition ‘The Waste Land’ is inspired by T.S. Eliott’s poem of the same name, about the decay of life, and listening to the title piece I am sure it might very well be about the decay around us (and with the current state of affairs, the decay is in full force). Forcucci is someone who takes field recordings and processes to quite an extreme level, without making it all too noisy. The title piece is especially a dark beast of crumbling sounds; acid rain or a polluted river sound like the input. Or perhaps it was all recorded below a pile of dust? It sounds quite good; it is very intense with all its dark toned sounds.

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