New release: @c + Drumming GP’s “For Percussion”

Many years in the making, this album collects works created for or with Drumming GP, a percussion ensemble founded by Miquel Bernat, a world-class performer and teacher. “For Percussion” gathers pieces that intersect @c’s experimental and computational approaches to music with Drumming GP’s mastery of performance and percussion.


  1. 63, for percussion, synthetic percussion, electronics (2006, revisited 2022) (8:27)
  2. 58, for two marimbas & two computers (2006, revisited 2022) (20:34)
  3. 88, for stones, objects, microphones, electronics (2010) (7:13)
  4. 66, for sampled standing bells, computer (2008) (10:12)
  5. 88R, for computer, synthetic percussion (2022) (10:00)
  6. 63L, for percussion, synthetic percussion, samples (2007) (7:38)


  • Composed, mixed & mastered by: Miguel Carvalhais + Pedro Tudela.
  • Drumming GP artistic direction: Miquel Bernat.
  • 63 performed by Rui Rodrigues, João Miguel Braga Simões, Saulo Giovannini, Miquel Bernat. Recorded by Süse Ribeiro at Café Concerto do Teatro Campo Alegre, Porto.
  • 58 performed by Nuno Aroso and Miquel Bernat. Marimbas recorded by Paulo Pintado and Rui Pintado at Indústria Rock, Penafiel, and mixed by Miquel Bernat.
  • 88 performed by Nuno Aroso, João Tiago Dias, Miquel Bernat. Recorded at Auditório de Espinho, and Universidade Católica do Porto.
  • 63L performed by Pedro Oliveira, Rui Rodrigues, Nuno Aroso, João Tiago Dias, Miquel Bernat. Recorded at Teatro Viriato, Viseu, 19 January 2007.

For Percussion” is now available as a limited-release CD or as a download or stream.