“Five Years on Cold Asphalt” reviewed by Boomkat

Five Years on Cold Asphalt
‘Five Years on Cold Asphalt’ is a debut album by Alexandr Vatagin’s Quarz. Like his solo work on self-run labels Valeot Records and Liska Records, and in parallel to his membership of the Tupolev & Port Royal ensembles, the Viennese native uses electronic-affected cello and bass to create creaking electro-acoustic soundscapes rooted with a kinship to dark, experimental jazz music and modern composition. This 34 minute piece is a miasmic trip through filigree electronic microtones, clangourous sonorities, field recordings and gloaming drone, all held together with subtle percussions and an intimate feel for texture, which, even during the quietest moments infers a constant sense of movement and unpredictability recalling works by Francisco Lopez, Steve Roden or Philippe Petit.

via Boomkat