“Further Consequences of Reinterpretation” reviewed by Loop

This disc published on the Portuguese Crónica Electronica label, is a collaborative project between the sound artists Paulo Raposo [who runs the Sirr.ecords label] from Lisbon, Portugal and the German Marc Behrens [Raster Noton, Trente Oiseaux, Sirr.ecords] from Darmstadt. This disc has its origins in the CD “0.000” of the Japanese Nosei Sakata, aka *0 [Instinct, 12k]. The dynamic range frequencies are so low that the sounds are almost imperceptible to the human ear. Then, Behrens made a remix of this disc that was titled “*0-0.000” published on the Inflation label. For it was used rremixes made by other musicians like Taylor Deupre [12k]; Hsi-Chuang Cheng, Aube [G.R.O.S.S., Manifold] Richard Chartier [Line], Akira Rabelais [Orthlorng Musork, Ritornell]; John Hudak [Bremsstrahlung, Ash International] Bernhard Günter [Ash International] and Steve Roden [Fällt; Trente Oiseaux, 12k, Line] and worked on them to deepen in a new reinterpretación of this music. Alongside his colleague Paulo Raposo -with whom he is collaborating on the design for the Portuguese Sirr.ecords label -, he received from Behrens the sounds used and from these he made a new reinterpretation. What we can listen here are timeless skips, glitches and digital processed noises forming dense atmospheres. Without a doubt an abstract sound from the new generation.

Guillermo Escudero

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