“Stikhiya” reviewed by Vital

Let go theorizing, theories, rational reasoning. Strive for Stikhiya. Or: primitive immediacy. Then and there, organic holistic experiences (may) emerge, dixit Yorgis Sakellariou. It’s where unfathomable and formless forces of perception are at play; awe-inspiring, myth-making.
On his cassette Sakellariou manipulates field recordings from various sources; be it natural or technological/industrial, be it in the field or at home. The crash of a waterfall joins a fridge’s hum in a symphony of clashes and juxtapositions. Scratching and scraping, creepy and crawly, rumbling and bustling the aural zoo maintained by Sakellariou is teeming with lively action.
This projects a power of catharsis in as much as these works bear their elementary building blocks precisely to remain firmly rooted in reality, whilst rearranging these familiarities towards expansions of the real; a rarification, perfecting too – also in size of the sound field and scope of the emotional rapport. Sakellariou’s rawness of sound is worn on his sleeve; a throbbing heartbeat – the sound of what it means to be alive, hearing living – living hearing: here, now and with an eternal glimmer from the noise of stern stuff, from which epic is written. (SSK)

via Vital