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“Recurrent” a new release by Marc Behrens on Impulsive Habitat

Marc Behrens releases new album “Recurrent” on Impulsive Habitat, an online label that offers free download of the release. The album is based on a sound installation in the Paiva river in Portugal that was presented on March 7, 2011, during the “Paivascapes #1 – Paiva River Sound Festival”, organised by Binaural/Nodar. Download For […]

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Mise_en_Scene and Miguel Isaza release “Selected fragments”

Impulsive Habitat has just released a new collaboration between Mise_En_Scene (Shay Nassi) and Miguel Isaza, “Selected Fragments”, a work created from processing field recordings, shaping a story between different sound fragments shared virtually between the two countries. “Selected Fragments” is a free download from Impulsive Habitat.

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Second issue of “Quark: How Does The Invisible Sound?” is now available

The second volume of Quark: How Does The Invisible Sound? is launched today, a fantastic follow-up to the previous edition, featuring compositions by Roberto Crippa, Yann Novak, @c (Pedro Tudela & Miguel Carvalhais) and Erico Wakamatsu + Yuki Aida. Get it through Farmacia 901.

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“Quark: How Does The Invisible Sound?” launches

Quark: How Does The Invisible Sound? is a media project born with the specific intent of exploring the possible inter-relationship between sound and the invisible, strictly related to science and physics. It relies on monthly digital releases and a MaxMSP custom software called Cconfin, inspired by elementary particles interactions and a physical phenomenon known as […]

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Marc Behrens and Atom™ release “Bauteile”

The over 70 minutes of “Bauteile” (German for “construction parts”) were recorded from 1987 through 2013 and edited into a continuous flow over the last three years. Atomâ„¢ and Marc Behrens met during the heyday of the German Techno movement and have since ever pursued extensive research in all areas of contemporary music. Their findings, […]

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Arturas Bumšteinas releases “Epiloghi”

Arturas Bumšteinas has just released “Epiloghi” through the Unsounds label. “Epiloghi” brings together two important sound works by Bumšteinas: Six Ways of Saying Zangtumbtumb and Night on the Sailship. These are highly inspired pieces combining layered historical references with a captivating sound world. More information at Unsounds.

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Hugo Paquete releases “Phonon”

Hugo Paquete has just released “Phonon”, an album experiment that started as a call to explore the potentiality of the computer as an automatic machine to generate compositional material and aesthetic contents based on stochastic probabilities. The sonic material, supplied by Anton Mobin, Chris Black, Dezroy Adam, Evan x Merz, Hugo Paquete, Irad Lee, Jaime […]

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Shay Nassi releases “syn3rgy” as ket3m

ket3m are Shay Nassi (aka Mise_en_Scene) and Tom Kemeny (aka Darmock) currently located in Tel Aviv, Israel. They joined together for a side-project to explore the boundaries of sound and express themselves together as one, each contributing his own very-unique techniques and perspective. They now release “sy3rgy” as a 3″ mini-CDr in a limited edition […]

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Durán Vázquez releases “Nuovo Ordine Nuovo” at Tecnonucleo

Durán Vázquez’s new release on Tecnonucleo netlabel, Nuovo Ordine Nuovo, is now available through: This work returns to the idea sketched in “50, 50 y 2” (Doministiku, 2010), with a recording for one loudspeaker, and hopefully with loud volume. “50, 50 y 2” was an improvised live recording. The new work shows improvised digressions […]

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“terra d’água” by Luís Antero, featuring @c

“terra d’água” is the newest release by Luís Antero in Galaverna, featuring a remix by @c (Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais). Luís Antero is a sound artist from Portugal, of the regions of Beira Serra and Serra da Estrela, and uses field recordings giving primacy to natural and traditional sounds. The places visited by Antero […]

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