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New release: Miguel A. García’s “Evhiblig”

“Is it possible to choose between the terror of silence or the terror of noise? Is emptiness more intoxicating? Does presence welcome us into its bosom, or does it expel us, usurping our place? The boundaries, if there are any, are blurred and, like false doubles, interchangeable. Sound and silence are conjoined twins. Those same […]

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New Release: Mad Disc

Material Composition 1 and 2, start from the mysterious timbre of a beautiful Rin Bell, played solemnly, in a ritualistic fashion. Over the development of the pieces, delayed electronic sequences, rhythmic patterns of metallic percussions, synthesized sounds with industrial overtones and a wide range of other sounds are modulated, revealing several new patterns in a stratified acoustic […]

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New Release: Máquina Magnética

Máquina Magnética was born from the meeting of four experimental artists with consolidated practices across both solo and collective work: Gustavo Costa, drummer, percussionist, and one of the heads of the Sonoscopia collective, on acoustic and electro-mechanic percussion; Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais, of the @c project and the Crónica label, on computers; and Rodrigo Carvalho, of the Openfield and Boris Chimp 504 […]

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New release: Monty Adkins’s “With Love. From an Invader.”

On the 17th March 2020, one week before the UK national lockdown, Yan Wang Preston decided to photograph a single rhododendron tree every other day at half an hour before sunset, for a year, with sounds from the site recorded by Monty Adkins and Yan Wang Preston each month. The rhododendron was introduced to the […]

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New release: @c’s “Installations: Seis Elementos”

During the twenty-plus years of their collaboration as @c, Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais’s work has spanned composition and performance but also, and prominently, several installations, often site-specific and ephemeral works that have at most been documented with short videos. Crónica’s latest series of releases is dedicated to systematic documentation and revisitation of these installation works. […]

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New release: David Lee Myers’s “Reduced to a Geometrical Point”

I am not an advocate of “music for meditation” and in fact believe that to be a completely misguided notion. However, I have observed that some audio constructions seem to encourage a posture of staying in the moment. This has proven to be a fascination over time. As I began the present sonic explorations, a […]

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New release: Lucas Alvarado’s “La Ausencia Como Lenguaje”

Crónica is delighted to present Lucas Alvarado’s debut in the label with La Ausencia Como Lenguaje. La Ausencia Como Lenguaje is comprised of a series of sound reflections on the absence of people in sites built by and for humans, and about the absence of art in our reality. Abandonment and absence are sometimes thought […]

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New release: Yiorgis Sakellariou’s “Degti”

Degti was premiered on September 12, 2019 at Vilniaus DegtinÄ—, a vodka factory in Vilnius, during the Muzika ErdvÄ—je festival, with an audience consisting solely of Vilniaus DegtinÄ— employees. Degti invites listeners to re-imagine the recordings made at the factory not as a soundtrack of labour, monotony and production but as a ghostly presence, purposely created […]

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New release: Dan Powell’s “Four Walks at Old Chapel”

Old Chapel Farm is an adventure in living which aims to bring people closer to the fundamentals of human existence: the creation of food and of shelter. It is a bridge reaching forwards into a newer, more sustainable way of being in a rapidly changing and highly populated world. As a family we have been […]

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New release: Jos Smolders’s “Submerge-Emerge”

Stéphane Mallarmé’s poem Un Coup De Des Jamais N’Abolira Le Hasard (1897) immediately fascinated me when I first encountered it during my teenage years. At the time, you could always get my attention by showing me something(anything) out of the ordinary. Modern art, unpopular music, crazy movies; all was absorbed by eyes and ears. When I first […]

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