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Francisco López & Miguel A. García’s “Ekkert Nafn” reviewed by Music Map

Francisco López e Miguel A. García sono due musicisti spagnoli da tempo attivi rispettivamente nel campo della sperimentazione e dell’improvvisazione, con ottimi riscontri in termini di critica. “Ekkert nafn”, che in islandese significa “senza nome”, è il primo lavoro realizzato in duo (è appena uscito per Crónica Records), e mette insieme fonografia, ovvero le registrazioni […]

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Tamtam’s “Rheingold” reviewed by The Sound Projector

Sam Auinger scored quite a hit with this writer in 2001, when he made Box 30/70 with Bruce Odland (appearing as O+A). I seem to recall they created a fascinating twist on the field recording genre with their innovative “box”, which sits by a roadside and does unusual things to the sound of cars rushing past. This […]

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“Bittersweet Melodies” reviewed by Fuild Sonic Fluctuations

Today I’m back with a Fluid Label Focus on CRÓNICA on this blog. And I’ve got an excellent album by a familiar name for you. This is the album BITTERSWEET MELODIES by RAN SLAVIN, released on CRÓNICA in 2016. Miguel was so kind as always to send me a review copy of the Limited-edition CD […]

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“For Pauline” reviewed by Ambient Blog

A few months before Pauline Oliveros passed away (November 2016), Edu Comelles commisioned a concert by accordionist Isabelle Latorre meant to be a free musical interpretation of Oliveros’ ‘Deep Listening‘ theories. The concert, premiered at the Ensems Festival early 2017, thus became a very special tribute to the life, work and philosophy of Pauline Oliveros. […]

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Tarab + Artificial Memory Trace’s “Obex” reviewed by Vital

The other new Cronica Electronica release is a collaboration between Tarab from Australia and Artificial Memory Trace from Ireland. From both of them we reviewed quite some work, even when Tarab is not as active as Artificial Memory Trace. Both of them use a lot of field recordings. The latter reworks these extensively on his […]

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Yiorgis Sakellariou’s “Stikhiya” reviewed by Musique Machine

Greek composer Yiorgis Sakellariou creates deep listening electronic pieces in a dynamic musique concrete style. His first releases came in 2013. As of 2017, he has found a home on the excellent Crónica label, which released many of my favorite artists of recent years including @c. His 6th full length, “Stikhiya” is made up of […]

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Yiorgis Sakellariou’s “Stikhiya” reviewed by Gonzo Circus

Stikhiya by Yiorgis Sakellariou

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“The Waste Land” reviewed by Data.Wave

One more cassette release that came out on the label Crónica. This record serves best to start exploring the world of the noise music. This is truly a textbook example of experimental electronic music! I had a feeling that I opened the window and a real thunderstorm with heavy rain and wind rushed into the […]

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“Bittersweet Melodies” reviewed by Data.Wave

The worlds created by Ran Slavin are all part of the nocturnal universe and this album is definitely one of them. All twelve Bittersweet Melodies is a collection of unique stories between sunrise and sunset. Each of the tracks is unlike the other, some bitter and some sweet, as the title of the album suggests. […]

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“Juryo: Durée de la vie de l’ainsi-venu” reviewed by Bad Alchemy

Badet man da in Mondlicht? Strudelt man da im Ocean of Sound? Der GRM-studierte Pariser taucht einen in eine metalloide Liquidität, die er, angeregt durch Artauds “Héliogabale”, ‘Tanit Asterté’ nannte. Es ist das ein initiierendes Eintauchen, dem ein fernöstlicher Triptychon folgt: ‘Nyorai’ (eine des Inkarnationen Buddhas) – ‘Musaraki’ (japanisch für Purpur) – ‘Taisi Funeral’ (Taisi […]

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