“Further Consequences of Reinterpretation” reviewed by Touching Extremes

Multitudes of totally irrepressible spectral colours, a plot made of acousmatic short stories where narrative oscillates between protruding bushes in a scrub-land and narcotic otitis. Paulo and Marc’s project, as they say, creates “everything from nothing” and so, given the respective high level of skill in sound/space architecture, all I can do is remaining on an abstract level, trying to give you a faint idea of the constantly shifting scenario that this CD guarantees. Transforming vague glimpses into a concrete soundscape is no fluke when you have the tools for the job at disposal: Raposo and Behrens twist limitations, throwing any gesture like a backhand to our membranes, stimulated enough to raise your butt and take a walk around the room to better enjoy the extraordinary frequency game this work turns on. Just when everything seems to realign after a painstakingly complex process, something new comes out of that hidden hole in the corner wall and you just can’t trap it: instead, hear it while it steals your ear space. Post-Scriptum: while I’m listening, a bird outside my window has started chirping repeatedly – the mix of his minimal chant with this wonderful record is heartwarming.

Massimo Ricci

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