“strings.lines” reviewed by Tapage Nocturne at Radio France Musique

A ne pas confondre avec le compositeur du XVIIIème du même nom. Ce musicien de musique électro acoustique québécois excèle dans les performances sonores, les installations et la vidéo. Collectionneur d’anciennes machines à écrire et de diapasons (dont certains atteignent les limites de l’oreille humaine), il a su créer son univers musical très personnel, utilisant …

“strings.lines” reviewed by Monsieur Délire

Quelle joie de voir le Montréalais Nicolas Bernier dans l’écurie de la portugaise Crónica! Strings.lines propose cinq Å“uvres électroacoustiques interreliées utilisant des enregistrements de Pierre-Yves Martel à la viole de gambe et de Chris Bartos au violon. Des sons lancinants, parfois explosifs, pas statiques du tout. Des pièces aux sonorités profondes, envoûtantes. J’aime beaucoup. via …

“strings.lines” reviewed by FocusSound

Nicolas Bernierの2010年発表の作品。透き通ったエレクトロサウンドとストリングスの奇妙な組み合わせがマッチしていてとても心地よいサウンドと化している。かけた瞬間に見える景色が変わって見えるような作品。 via FocusSound

“strings.lines” reviewed by Senza Colori

2009年のアルス・エレクトロニカで何れかの賞を受賞している、カナダのコンポーザーによる2010年の作品。Crónicaよりリリースしております。 エディットしたストリングスがノイズドローンと共に紡がれています。生音や有機的なノイズを使用しているにも関わらず、デジタル特有の冷淡さが美しいです。瞑想的な雰囲気というよりは、雑念に耳を傾けているようなアルバムでした。 via Senza Colori

Futurónica #23

Episode 23 of Futurónica, a broadcast in Rádio Zero (every two weeks, on Friday nights, repeating on Tuesdays at 01h) airs tomorrow, December 3rd at 21h (GMT). The playlist for Futurónica #23 is: Gintas K, Untitled (2010, So On, Crónica) Gintas K, Grinny Memories (2010, So On, Crónica) Nicolas Bernier, line(a) (2010, strings.lines, Crónica) @c, …

“strings.lines” reviewed by Boomkat

Portugal’s Crónica label presents a captivating showcase from Montreal-based electro-acoustic composer, Nicholas Bernier. His work here is defined by a predilection for the glassiest, most tensile string sounds, exploring a range of piercing hi-end frequencies with an innately tactile sensuality. The shortest of these, ‘Line (Strings)’, sets a filigree balance between organically textured sound and …

Crónica releases are now available at various online stores

Several Crónica disc releases are now available through various online stores, besides Boomkat, through which store we have been distributing our releases for the last couple of years. You can currently find most of the latest releases available for purchase and download through outlets as iTunes, Amazon, emusic, Fnac, Napster, Juno, among others. Nicolas Bernier’s …

Nicolas Bernier releases “courant.air” in ahornfelder

courant.air is the continuation of the work begun in 2007 with the guitarist Simon Trottier in which we intertwine improvised electroacoustic and folk music. I wanted to explore this further within a formal compositional context. I imagine myself on the banks of the St. Lawrence river, this estuary to which I owe the history of …

Akousma 7, a series of concerts curated by Nicolas Bernier

From October 27th to the 30th, the Akousma 7 series of concerts will present performances by Pauline Oliveros, Alexander Schubert / Sinebag, Mathew Adkins, Mitchell Akiyama, Martin Bédard, Martin Messier, Félix-Antoine Morin and Nicolas Bernier. All events are at the Studio Hydro-Québec in Montréal.

World premiere of Nicolas Bernier’s “courant.air”

Following to the acclaimed debut “Les arbres” (No Type, 2008), and the recent Crónica release “strings.lines”, Nicolas Bernier is launching his new project “courant.air” (Ahornfelder, 2010). The piece will be performed with fellow folk guitarist Simon Trottier at AKOUSMA Festival in Montreal on October 30th, 2010.