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Mono #2 is now available

Mono #2: Cochlear Poetics: Writings on Music and Sound Arts is a publication of the Research Institute in Art, Design and Society (i2ADS) of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. This issue of Mono is dedicated to music, sound arts and sound in the arts and media. Guest-edited by Miguel Carvalhais […]

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“Poststop” reviewed by Bad Alchemy

Poststop (Crónica 061-2011) ist das Ergebnis eines Workshops, den Blaine L. Reininger 2010 in Porto, ironischerweise in einem Pleite gegangenen Supermarkt geleitet hat. Wenn die Heuschrecken weiterziehen, kehren Künstler auf die kahlen Felder zurück? Die Teil­nehmer formierten das THE FUTUREPLACES IMPROMPTU ALL-STARS ORCHESTRA und laden hier in ‘The Post-Apocalyptic Shopping Mall’. Was erklingt, ist die […]

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“Poststop” reviewed by De:Bug

Das Album dokumentiert einen von Blaine L. Reininger (Tuxedomoon) geleiteten Workshop im Rahmen des “Futureplaces Digital Media Festival” 2010 in Porto. Beteiligt waren neben Reininger unterschiedlichste Künstler wie Marc Behrens, Anselmo Canha, @c, Joao Martins, Heitor Alvelos und Filipe Silva, stilistisch spannt sich der Bogen von Field Recordings über Improv bis zu experimenteller Elektronik. Für […]

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“Poststop” reviewed by Monsieur Delire

A sound art workshop in an artists’ centre located in a bankrupt shopping mall. Participants made field recordings in the mall and exchanged ideas for two days, after which they performed the final concert at the futureplaces festival. All this happened in Porto, Portugal. Poststop features excerpts from workshop performances, the concert, and collages/remixes/interpretations by […]

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New CD release: “Poststop”

This CD is the result of a two-day workshop and subsequent concert held in October 2010 in Porto, Portugal, as part of the futureplaces digital media festival. The workshop had the imprint of MediaLab Prado’s “Neighborhood Science” network, and was held at C.C.Stop, a bankrupt shopping mall turned music community” During this period, field recordists […]

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Soon in Crónica: Poststop

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GEAR talks

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GEAR — Sound and Interactive Media at Covilhã

Teaser gear up from gear-up on Vimeo. GEAR – 1st Workshop for Practice Based Research in Art and Design – is an event based on a series of talks, demos, concerts and work-in-progress works, whose mission is to promote, develop and share practice based research methodologies, experiences and practices in the field of academic research. […]

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New Crónicaster: “Futurónica 4” by Miguel Carvalhais

“Futurónica 4” is the fourth and final in a series of hour-long programs that Crónica broadcasted in Rádio Futura in Porto, during the Future Places festival of 2009. This mix included pieces by Marc Behrens, Durán Vázquez, Gilles Aubry, Enrico Coniglio, Heitor Alvelos, Lawrence English, Paulo Raposo, Ákos Garai and @c. Download here or subscribe […]

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